Visa Debit/ATM Card
Visa card logo -- Visa cards are the world's most widely used form of 'plastic' payment!!H&E's VISA CHECK CARD gives you convenient access to your account from virtually anywhere!  It does all that an ATM card does and more.  For ATM withdrawals, use any ATM machine displaying the NYCE or PLUS sign.  You can also use the VISA Check Card to make purchases whereever VISA is accepted.  You can pay for gasoline, groceries, apparel, dinner, mail orders, or phone purchases. 

When purchasing up to $1000 of merchandise, you can pay with "electronic" money instead of carrying large sums of cash.  No more "I forgot my checkbook!"  All transactions are immediately debited from your checking account, which is reflected in your monthly statement.

Use your H&E Debit Card to:

  • Make withdrawals of up to $500 in cash per day from an ATM machine
  • Purchase up to $1000 of merchandise per day from any participating merchant
  • Make inquiries on Checking or Savings

Convenience, security, and case of use.  Just remember that the amount is automatically deducted from you H&E checking account.

Lost or Stolen Debit / ATM Cards

**If you have lost your VISA DEBIT / ATM Card, notify the credit union at once by calling: 201-845-6876.

**If the credit union is closed, notify VISA directly by calling: 800-554-8969.

Also call the credit union on the next business day to reorder a new card number.


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